What Matters Most

If we don’t ask ourselves, “WHAT MATTERS MOST TO ME”, we cheat ourselves of living our lives out fully. If we don’t consciously consider, what matters most, we live our lives in default and at risk of being unfulfilled. Perhaps it is love that is most important. Perhaps we value adventure, kindness, generosity. Perhaps it is making a difference in the world. 

Many people assert that money and financial success are the most important things to them. However, as we experience our final moments of life, it is rarely the number of dollars that we are most concerned about leaving behind. Don’t get me wrong. Financial success and abundance often paves the way to a life of extravagance, ease, and the best money can buy in the way of health care, lifestyle, power, and much much more.

Perhaps balancing the many things that are most important to us is as important as “what” matters most. Love without being able to pay the bills isn’t such a great thing. Then again, loads of money, with no one to love or share adventures with is bankrupt as well. 

If you find yourself at the center of complaint-central, you have ceased to keep your eye  on what matters most to you. Common complaints are that our spouses don’t understand us, or the romance has gone out. We complain that our children are rude and thoughtless, we complain that our parents are critical, demanding, or perhaps that they don’t really care about us. The problem is that these complaints exist outside of us. We live in hope that “they” or “it” will change or get better. The thing is, while we are “waiting for it to get better”, life is passing us by, and we have given up our power to live our lives passionately and fulfilling on our dreams. As long as “it” or “they” have to get better, we have sabotaged ourselves. We are justified lying “in wait”. What if we look at  ourselves and consider “what matters most to me”?  When we ask ourselves this simple question, and begin to take action, we embrace and direct our fortunes and destiny. 

Try it. Ask yourself every day if you are doing and experiencing what matters most to you. Start a list, and ask others in your life what matters most to them. Get interested and pay attention to yourself and those around you. This is not a dress rehearsal. If you tell yourself you will get to your dreams “someday”, consider that “someday” is not a date on the calendar. 

Get clear on what matters most to you, and take action. Pull, that which matters most to you, toward you everyday in big and little ways. 

Sydney Sharon