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meet dr. briar 


Welcome, and thank you for visiting my site.
I am DR. Briar and I have been practicing psychotherapy for over thirty years and look forward to working with you.

I have a private psychoanalytic psychotherapy practice in Woodland Hills where I work with people of all ages. As a Psychotherapist, I help people who are facing difficult circumstances, situations, and feelings. I help people re-discover their minds and hearts with the intention that life is meant to be enjoyed, and lived fully. I work with adults, children, and teens; with individuals, couples, and families.

In my work specifically with Teenagers I provide group therapy in addition to individual work, and am devoted to their feeling heard and included, while helping them develop their strength and resilience. I also have a particular specialty in helping people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and those who are BRCA+.  

Whether you feel stuck, are dealing with overwhelming sadness, worry, illness and or anger, I would like to help.  

Finally, certified as a Bradley Childbirth Instructor, I have a unique focus on childbirth that emphasizes the joy of giving birth and working with new parents and infants in facilitating their adjustment to life and life as a family.

Whether you would like help as you begin to negotiate your way into parenthood or need help in areas where you feel troubled, please don’t hesitate to call.

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