Be Well - Be Happy

Be well, be happy, and discover your best self. And it all begins now. Literally. It is the collection of our "nows", that in our future give us our memories which add up to our sense of self-- wonderful and gratifying, sad and frustrating, and everything in between. A wonderful life is lived in valuing each moment we have, and add up to the months and years of our lives.

I am committed to contributing to people who want to develop their best SELF. Usually, this also means coming face to face with our worst self. The journey of having the life YOU are meant to have requires that you allow yourself to get to know “the good, the bad, and the ugly” you experience within. Then, what emerges is an authentic sturdy experience of your-SELF that is dominated by confidence in your ability to welcome experience meaningfully. Truth, love, and real beauty are yours.

I recently taught a class called "The Capacity to Tolerate Emotional Experience". I have taught this class for four years now, and each year I notice how fearful and defensive we can be in the face of our feelings and experiences. Although happiness is a core human need, it is my belief that life will always consist of highs and lows, and a broad spectrum of feelings and perceptions. A really wonder-full life requires our being able to be resilient as we encounter every hill and valley. Whether we are at a high point, or are struggling in the darkest depths, we can bring our curiosity and desire to know ourselves to work through whatever terrain we are on. Our desire to know truth, to learn, and grow, are some of our greatest human assets.

I hope these ideas of valuing your thoughts and feelings, powerfully embracing the present, and exploring and developing your best self are what you are after for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Sydney Sharon